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Eissa & Jude believes in the unique story of nature, and the life each piece of wood has to offer. We want our children to play with toys made of natural materials that nourish the senses and connect with nature - wood is durable, safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful!

Each Eissa & Jude toy is made in small batches for ultimate quality and care. The process of making starts by the sketch, which is digitized and run through for carving and then sanded. Once each toy is cut out of its board; it is polished and coated. 

We coat our wood with a non-toxic and all natural oil which creates a durable water repellent seal.

Believing in the story each piece of wood we’ve sourced has to tell, we embrace our toys and their natural variations - natural marbling of the wood, inclusions, color and grain orientation, making each toy unique. Discover them, play, they’re yours to love. Eissa & Jude toys last through generations, and if you find it at its end you are able to recycle it back into the Earth from which it came from. 

Wood has natural antibacterial properties, but once in a while it is necessary to clean wood toys. We recommend cleaning your toy with mild dish soap and some warm water. Gently wiping down with a damp cloth, and allowing the toys to air dry. To protect the legacy of your toys, be kind to them and do not leave outside for long periods of time under direct sunlight or fully immersed in water.