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Eissa & Jude is a Kuwaiti wooden toy brand made to inspire mindful play in all children. It draws on the amazing resources already available in the region - created, designed and produced in Kuwait by local talent, at a beautiful family farm. The team comes together to make those unique wooden toys, focusing on representing the Gulf inspired by all they've grown up to see in this vast unexplored desert land!


Children want to recreate their own experiences through play. Growing up in the Gulf is a particular experience in itself that requires unique toys. The forests and squirrels found in the global market are cute, but what about what our children see everyday? They see camels foraging for desert shrubs, sheep moving through the desert and dolphins on the hazy horizon. We are focused on being inclusive of Middle Eastern culture, translating our traditions, and landmarks into wooden toys to foster such curious play. 

Eissa & Jude is a eco-friendly brand. We source eco-friendly, non-toxic, and superior materials to create our toys. We have the environment and our own children in mind, looking for wood from sustainable forests with the least environmental impact when shipping into Kuwait. Our paints are non-toxic water-based, safe for both our children and the environment.  

Our belief is when we give our child a toy, it is not taking away from the Earth they will inherit.


Toys should inspire, rather than decide the direction or outcome of play. When a child is provided the freedom to engage with open-ended toys, it allows for endless opportunities that  they can express themselves freely and creatively. Open-ended play allows for a low-stress and safe environment where your children are free to take risks and make mistakes. 

Open-ended play leads to mindful play. Mindful play is when a child is present in the moment - they are free to think and do without control from adults. When children are engaged in this type of play parents are able sit back and enjoy instead of directing and leading. These moments where our children can make their own choice gives them confidence and permits you as a parent to breathe. It brings a true feeling of harmony to the household.

Children appreciate and are affected by beauty and aesthetics just like adults. We want to surround all our children with toys that nurture, calm, and motivate curious play. Our toys are meant to be in harmony with the atmosphere you want to foster in your home. They are beautiful enough to display as decoration, and sturdy enough to last for years.